Jocelyn Eisert

Jocelyn Eisert is an AbME Facilitator. 

Jocelyn Eisert, CEO of Bizzybody Events, founded in 2008, provides organizational planning, administrative services, and project management for corporate and community events. She is the youngest of 16 children, orphaned at 17 – never a quitter and has the heart of a true entrepreneur.

Based in Fort St. John, BC, Jocelyn has worked with presenters and speakers such as Theo Fleury, Adam Bach and Trevor Lindon to name a few and has made impacts in dozens of community to hundreds of individuals. For Jocelyn it is not who SHE meets, it is who SHE brings to the event and IMPACTS THAT ARE MADE IN COMMUNITIES.

Jocelyn graduated from high school with honors in 1991 and completed her nursing assistant at Red River Community College. Realizing quickly that the medical field was not for her, she graduated from Herzing Career College with a certificate in Business Administration. Since then Jocelyn has completed Project Management Level 1 and 2 at College of New Caledonia in Prince George and numerous workshops and seminars across the Country.

Over the past eight years Bizzybody Events has coordinator more than 200 events, in more than a dozen communities and has raised more than $3.1 million dollars for non-profit organizations. She aligns herself with professional people and learns something new at every single project and brings those learnings through to her next event and future clients!

Bizzybody Events has been nominated for several awards and won BC Aboriginal Business Awards for 1-2 Person Business of the Year in 2012. Jocelyn and her small company thrive on seeing people grow and make positive change in their lives. She loves connecting people with business and making a difference in the world – one community and one person at a time!

Mrs. Eisert loves life and is very grateful and appreciative of all she has. She in honorable, respectable and very well respected by her peers and associates. She has the ability to make it happen, honestly, credibly, ethically and by the deadlines.